Shane Lea – Software Developer (Full Stack)

Hi, I am Shane Lea! I am a Full-Stack Developer at Allensmore Nurseries. I have experience in software training and teaching one to one to small group lessons. The Lessons will be tailored towards the Qualification and to help students bridge the gap from GCSE to A Levels.

I can provide lessons on GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Music, GCSE Computer Science, Programming, ABRSM Music Theory and RGT/ Rockschool Guitar.

About Me

Write Software Developer

C# Stack, EF Core, .Net Core, ASP.NET, VB.NET, WPF, Xaml, Xamarin (Mobile) JQuery Mobile)


Mathematics, Computer Science, Programming and Music.

Freelance Web Developer:

Created e-commerce Websites for clients with Shopify and WordPress (Woo-Commerce) amonst other technologies

Music Teacher: RGT Electric Guitar, Rockschool Guitar, Trinity Classical Guitar, ABRSM Piano and Music Production.

Past Work Experience

Inspirational Learning – UK Limited
(2021 -ongoing)

I teach GCSE Computer Science, Programming lessons, GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Music, ABRSM Music Theory, RGT and Rockschool Guitar. I have gained experience as an E-Learning Teacher and providing one to one and group lessons. I have created Courses using Moodle and WordPress.

Software Developer – Allensmore Nurseries
(2015 – 2021)

I have been using mainly VB.NET and ASP.Net Framework using Visual Studio in C# and Visual Basic. I am building and have built the company small scale multi-user business applications. Some of the technical challenges have included complex data validation rules, managing authorisation and permissions, producing KPI using Crystal Reports and SSRS with a Dashboard and creating/ managing intermediate databases to allow communication between existing and new bespoke systems.

I have experience in all parts of the nursery ranging from transport, production, operations, sales and gardening using their Horticulture Management System. With this understanding I have created bespoke software applications that have met and exceeded company requirements.

I have integrated Webservices to display data from multiple data sources on the companies internal website. For this I used a range of technologies including ASP.NET, HTML5/ CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, C#, Serilog, LINQ, Razor, Blazor, XAML, MUnit, EF Core and various APIs eg. using data from the MET Office in XML and JSON format using Rest/ Soap protocols and WCF framework.

Other roles have included creating VBA macros with Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook (e.g. Mail Merging) MOS Expert, Crystal Report, and Data Administration with Microsoft SQL Server, Access and open source such as FlameRobin and MySQL. I have built spreadsheets using advanced formulae, add-ins and macros whilst learning their bespoke software. I am working towards a Business Inteligence MCSA Certification which involves Analyzing and Visualising Data Using Microsoft Power BI and Excel. I carried out general IT duties when the IT Manager was unavailable.

I will be learning Datawarehousing using SSAS and SSIS for implementing a ETL dataflow. My focus is on Data Quality Service (DQs), OLAP Cube Analaysis using MDX & DAX Queries. I would like to work more with Big Data technologies like Hadoop and Azure HDInsight applying Data Mining.

Software Consultant – Optinet Ltd
(2014 – 2016)

I gained 2 level 3 Diplomas (QTFs) in IT Telecoms and ICT Systems & Principles. Provided IT Tech support to a variety of customers from optometrists, receptionists, managers ranging from technical queries to generic questions around IT and specific products the company provides. I mostly provided remote support via Team Viewer and occasionally went off site to local practices in Malvern. This opportunity provided me with some valuable experience in communication and team work, as well as providing me with some foundational programming experience using SQL queries for querying data from a HFSQL relational database and exposure to WinDev. The role also included basic computer administration tasks, storage solutions and providing high quality solutions to customers.

In terms of software I gained experience formatting data in their data conversion process. I also created training manuals and worked with HTML for Word Templates. Learning the software process and the entire business really gave me an understanding of all the procedures involved in creating software, such as managing System Requests, Managing Call Logs effectively and providing training on the software after various releases and application patches. I also learned the value of time management skills, learning how to prioritise tasks when dealing with a variety of customers.

Junior Web Developer (Freelance)


After the Apprenticeship I started looking into Freelancing, therefore I started creating templates for different kinds of websites such forums, discussion boards, e-commerce, messenger apps, dynamic websites etc . I had been learning how to integrate APIs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Map, Paypal (Sandbox) into my websites.

I have recently started exploring other frameworks besides the .Net Core and I have learned JQuery Mobile, React, Angular. I have created a Shopify and WordPress Website for a client Gemstone Creations. I would like to learn more about other CMS’s like Drupal, Django and Magento.

During my time at the University I developed some more applications . I am currently working on a Personal Management System and a Student Management System especially for children with learning disabilities with fun interactive multiplayer 2D games. I am also learning Unity 3D engine for multiplayer games, I would love to work on my own Virtual Reality Engine in the next 20 years as I strongly believe this technology, alongside artificial intelligence will play a major role in the future for sustainability to avoid unnecessary transport costs.

I’ve worked on Arduino-based and written C and Python scripts and built sensor circuits for simple automotive robots to automate tasks.

This will be a working progress throughout my degree, but by time I finish I should have a good level of knowledge which will act as a foundation for more advanced projects applying different problem solving skills.

Guitar Tutor – Private and Grouped Lessons

(2013 – 2015)
Before I ventured into retraining to become a software developer, I had experience providing one to one and group lessons in music theory (ABRSM) and instrument grades in classical (Trinity Guild), bass and electric guitar (RGT and RockSchool). I ran my own private guitar Word Press blog for teaching students music theory and guitar. I had a Youtube channel and Facebook for my own music with various recitals uploaded along with other side collaborative projects. At some point I may continue this part time, but at this present time it is on hiatus whilst I am at university as I will be focusing more on new software projects and becoming a fully qualified software engineer.

In my spare time I have been working on an instrumental studio album as a solo artist using my knowledge of audio engineering. I have also worked alongside other musicians for a variety of projects.

I particularly enjoy the technology aspects such as using different hardware such as mixers and audio interfaces.I have experience in audio engineering using plugins effects and processors such as filters and compressors in Digital Audio Workstation software. In many respects it was my fascination in music software capabilities along with it’s current limitation that initially got me interested in becoming a software developer to begin with. I have been researching into Javascript possibilities with electronic music tools using the Javascript language and the Web Audio API. I would like to be able to interface MIDI and notation software to create my own tools for creating new music.

Liverpool University Graduate

1st year covered Databases (SQL and PHP), Python Programming, Functional Programming (Haskell), Artificial Intelligence, Foundations of Computer Science, Computer Algorithms, Analytical Techniques, Object Oriented Programming (Java) and Computer Systems

2nd year covered iOS Mobile Development (Swift), Software Engineering (Java), Database Development, Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Complexity of Algorithms, C Memory Management, Object Oriented C++ and C#, Scripting Languages, Applied Database Management and a Group Software Project

3rd year covers Computer Forensics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Neural Networks, Ontologies and the Semantics Web, High Performance Computing, Big Data Analytics, Multi-Agent Systems, Technologies for E-commerce and an Honours Year Computer Science Project

MEng Year will include Big Data Analytics, Privacy and Security, Data Mining and VIsualisation and Multi-core and Multi-processor Programming as well as an Individual MEng Project and MEng Group Project